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Getting Started Learning Health Data Science

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Ready to get started learning health data science and don't know where to start? This course guides you through our health data science checklist step-by-step, providing quick hands on demonstrations and resources along the way. Includes 30 minutes of 1-on-1 teaching/Q&A and certificate of completion. Modules include: 1. Learn the Basics - Basic Statistics - Basic Principles of Study Design 2. Decide on a Programming Platform - SAS - Stata - Python - R - MATLAB - Excel 3. Additional Tools - Tableau - Power BI - SQL - Jupyter Notebook 4. Cleaning Data - Importing and Exporting Data - Merging Data - Manipulating Data and Variables - Evaluating Extraneous Data - Evaluating Missing Data 5. Processes of Exploring Data - Data Distribution and Patterns - Relationships Between Variables - Time Series Trends - Further Exploration - Modeling Assumptions - Odds Ratios and Relative Risk 6. Basic Modeling - Linear Regression - Logistic Regression - Survival/Time-to-Event Analysis 7. Advanced Modeling - ARIMA - Neural Networks - Vector Autoregression (VAR) - Markov Chain Modeling Methods - Bayesian Regression Methods 8. Troubleshooting and Useful Resources Want to learn more but not ready for the course? Sign up for our newsletter for updates and tips.

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Data Science, $180.00

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Getting Started Learning Health Data Science

Getting Started Learning Health Data Science

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