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Image by Elena Mozhvilo

About One Life Epi Solutions

One Life Epi Solutions is a One Health organization that works to protect our future generations by using data and education to provide targeted evidence-based solutions that prevent the spread of infectious diseases from animals to humans, address degradation of environmental ecosystems, and promote engagement in local communities. We partner with organizations working with the environment, animals, and/or infectious diseases to analyze and bring a story to their data and empower their mission. We use our unique background in epidemiology, biology, and nursing to offer education, data analysis, visuals, and targeted, evidence-based recommendations that transform our client’s organizations so they can increase their impact to the populations they serve.

As a social enterprise striving to promote One Health solutions in multiple sectors, we are uniquely positioned to creatively implement public health interventions such as education for professionals and youth, program and surveillance design, and interprofessional collaboration through our services and programs.

Our education programs serve both individuals and global communities as we tailor books, courses, and curricula to meet the needs of professionals and budding youth worldwide. Educational materials may be purchased by individuals or organizations, and impact funding is sought to help make the concepts of One Health available for everyone.

We also offer partnerships with businesses to enable their passion for corporate responsibility through grants and impact funding and collaboration with clients through data analysis and surveillance, program development, project oversight, or epidemiological consulting.

Let's have a conversation about how we can work together to improve the world for future generations through a One Health approach.

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