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Let's Increase Your Impact in One Health

Using data and education to bring targeted evidence-based solutions to One Health

One Life Epi Solutions is a One Health organization that works to protect our future generations by using data and education to provide targeted evidence-based solutions that prevent the spread of infectious diseases from animals to humans, address degradation of environmental ecosystems, and promote engagement in local communities. Explore the services and courses we offer and book a consultation to discuss how we can work together to improve the world for future generations through a One Health approach.

About the Owner

Ginger Dixon: Epidemiologist, Health Professional

As an epidemiologist, I am skilled in a variety of processes including cleaning and presenting data, making suggestions about data and study design, analyzing factors that are influencing outcomes of interest, analyzing surveillance data and making recommendations for surveillance improvement, visualizing data, improving and maintaining data quality, and researching evidence-based solutions that can be applied to meet client’s needs.

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